“Hello, My People!”

“I Wanna Be Your Dog.” That was a Stooges cover the Red Hot Chili Peppers included in their setlist on January thirteenth. As many of you heard, the Red Hot Chili Peppers played a charity concert at the Hollywood Palladium. “Hello, my homeland!”, Flea exclaimed as the Red Hot Chili Peppers took the stage, “Hello, my people! We prostrate ourselves, humble ourselves, I kiss all of your boots. I love you!” It was for the Malibu Love Sesh concert to help those affected by the Woolsey fire in November. The band may have started their concert the usual way, by playing their “Intro Jam” and unsurprisingly ending their set with “Give It Away”, but for sure this concert felt like the first for many in attendance even those who may have been seeing them for the thirtieth time. Come on, how can you get tired of listening to them play “Californication”, “Snow”, or “Scar Tissue” live? All of which were included in their set list along with 1983’s “Police Helicopter”, “Emit Remmus”, “Can’t Stop” which was played right after the intro jam and an unexpected Funkadelic cover of “What Is Soul”. Anthony Kiedis added his own lyrics on this last one, singing “These f*cked-up fires are starting to become the norm.” 
      Josh and the rest of the band have always been very generous. The band has been exemplary when it comes to supporting a cause. Either as a band supporting several organizations like the Silverlake Conservatory of Music or individually, they have been part of countless charity events including MusiCares, Live Earth, Peace Alliance, and Will Ferrell’s “One Classy Night” in Seattle last February which raised money for Cancer for College. Many were surprised to see Josh Klinghoffer rocking out with several musicians all supporting a good cause. It is quite impressive to see how many of these events, organizations and causes they have supported! It is a very long list!  How could one not love a band that loves to support charities?
     Sunday’s event included performances by St. Vincent who not only covered 1992’s “Breaking the Girl” but also gave a shout out by saying, “I wanna give a very special thank you to Josh Klinghoffer for f*cking b*tching guitar playing, but also for correcting my chords just about twenty minutes ago.” Josh’s old bandmates, Beck were also there to support and perform. They played their hit “Loser” as well as “Sexx Laws” with Jack Black. They as well had a shout out for Los Angeles and the Chili Peppers. “We are gonna celebrate Los Angeles a little bit tonight. I can’t think of anybody more Los Angeles than Red Hot Chili Peppers. That’s my growing up in Los Angeles. That’s like the hometown band.” Josh did not join the band on stage, but he surprised the audience with a cover of Beck’s “Cyanide Breathmint.”
    Speaking of Josh surprising people, most who have met him, including his bandmates, have nothing but nice things to say about him. When asked about Josh’s bad habits in a 2016 interview for “Absolute Radio”, Anthony Kiedis answered, “Josh’s bad habits are being too thoughtful, too kind. Always gifting everybody exactly what they need. If someone mentions they want snow boots and he overhears the conversation, in two days you will find a pair of snow boots in your door from Josh. Those are his only bad habits.” From gifting people what they need to helping other artists, we are sure some of his other bad habits would be being too generous and nice as well. Wouldn’t you agree? 
What a great way to start off the year, helping others. We should follow the band’s example by trying to be the good in the world. Whether it would be by doing something for someone else, or donating time or money like Josh and the band have.  Even the smallest things go a long way, even by simply paying for someone’s coffee, saying thank you, complimenting someone, doing a random act of kindness, donating food/clothes/money to charity. Everything may seem like a small step, but a step that truly makes a difference. 
📸: instagram.com/chilipeppers