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The Red Hot Chili Peppers are not only talented musicians, but also very, very generous. They just had an event, along with other artists, on September 9th in Los Angeles to support Silverlake Conservatory of Music which Flea founded in 2001 where children get free music lessons. The show took place at the new Silverlake Conservatory of Music facility where they showed their support and played a few of their hits accompanied by a children’s choir for some songs. Flea had just recently done an interview with Rolling Stone where he expressed his concern with schools no longer offering music classes. “I was so disheartened. I was like, where’s the orchestra? Where’s the band?” He truly believes music lessons are important for all children. “It’s child abuse. It’s just wrong,” he said when speaking about the lack of music funding in the United States. He encourages everyone to get involved and “do what they can to help out”.
In other exciting news, according to “OnCuba” and reporter Michel Hernández, Red Hot Chili Peppers will be playing for the first time in Cuba sooner than we think! It has been one of Josh’s dreams and now there is a high chance the band will be playing in La Habana, most likely at La Piragua in March 2018. He broke the news last month when he was in Cuba visiting and making plans. He said he was surprised by the quantity of followers the band has and how awesome it is to know there are so many fans in this country.
Although Josh had already visited Cuba in 2015 with rapper/drummer Quest Love at Fábrica de Arte Cubano, he now wants to come back with the rest of his band and has been obsessed with the idea. He shared that they would like to have a big concert for all their Cuban fans. “We have been wanting to come for a long time now…when I told them that I was coming, they wanted to come with me.” Josh also shared that he is “in love with Cuba”. “It is a special place, unique. I don’t know how to explain. Everything is completely unexpected. It’s magical.”
He visited filmmaker Jorge Perugorría and pop-rock group Nube Roja in their studio whom he is a big fan of. He spoke about some of the music he is a fan of like the late Cuban trova guitarist and composer Compay Segundo. He said he knows more of the older Cuban music like Los Zafiros, who he likes a lot, Omara Portuondo, Benny Moré, and Irakere. He mentioned he doesn’t know much of the new music, but was excited about all the albums he bought. His luggage was probably really heavy!
He really wants to make this concert happen! He said he mentions it to them at least once a week. “I am sure we will play here very soon. We are certainly going to come. I’m really insisting.”
Meanwhile, they have an upcoming show in Del Mar, California on September 15th scheduled to headline at Kaboo Festival.
📸 Flaunt Magazine