Gibson Firebird XII

Gibson Firebird XII 1966 Sunburst

“I’m not quite sure where Josh found this. It just appeared a little while ago. Apparently it’s very rare I believe. It’s a 12-string Firebird. The pickguard doesn’t look exactly original to me and also the switching arrangement. We actually went to the House of Guitars the other day and there was one with what appeared to be an original pickguard on it. And I think that’s just a switch between the two. It’s got ‘on/off’ on each. Also, it’s got that strange off-center bit of inlay there, so I don’t know if this was like a factory second or if it was a half-ass prototype before they decided to build a small number of them. Josh hasn’t used it on anything at all so far. It’s just in here. Sometimes if he’s feeling particularly exciting he might tell me before the final song of the show that he wants to use this for the final segment of that song. So when there’s a four-bar rest I actually jump up there and swap guitars with him in the middle of the song, and then he will come out and rock with this for a bit. He’s used it for the encore jam a few times” – Ian Sheppard