The Peel Sessions 1991-2004

Oct 23, 2006
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Track 12 – You Come Through (Recorded 16th December 2004)
Engineer – Miti Adhikari
Producer – Andy Rogers
Songwriter – PJ Harvey
Guitar – Josh Klinghoffer
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7311149Review posted on“ PJ Harvey’s “Peel Sessions” comes in at a slight-and slightly uneven-41 minutes, but flashes with moments of greatness. The raw charge of Harvey’s early material is evident in her very first session with John Peel, which is offered unabridged and drips with the sweaty kiss-off sass that made her 1992 debut, “Dry,” so memorable. A starkly intimate reading of the alternately scathing/ terrified “Snake” and a positively sexy take on “Wang Dang Doodle” also leave their mark. But “You Come Through,” taken not from a session with Peel, but from a tribute to him staged just weeks after his untimely death, lingers longest. The deep bond between Harvey and Peel is apparent in every aching note as her voice strains to proffer the fragile chorus: “You be well for me/ You come through for me.” – Susan Visakowitz [/one_half]