Stainless Style (2008)

Mar 17, 2008

[one_half] AMAZON ITUNES

Track 06 – Steel Your Girl
Guitar, Bass, Drums – Josh Klinghoffer
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7609815Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. Remember with me, if you will, a time when cocaine was as rampant as synthesizers. When a wave of unprecedented M&A activity and yuppie-style prosperity was driving Wall Street to record heights. Sequels and superhero movies dominated at the box office, while starlets with limited discernible musical talent were releasing remarkably enduring pop songs. A conservative Republican was in the White House, giving aid and comfort to Iran as if he were someone who wasn’t quite all there.
I’m talking, as you know if you’re reading two words ahead, about 2006, when Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip first announced their collaboration under the name Neon Neon. Just as a yearning for the 60s characterized much of the indie pop and indie rock of the 1980s– from R.E.M.’s jingle-jangle mourning to C86′s “perfect pop” to the slowed-down garage-y guitar heroics of Dinosaur Jr.– so the memory of the 1980s has dominated certain music circles in recent years. Whether electrohouse, new wave, new rave, synth-pop, Miami bass, Detroit techno, Chicago house, Italo disco, Balearic, or, most recently, the revival of what used to be called “world music”, the 80s have left their mark on the YouTube era. Now if only the 49ers could win four Super Bowls again[…]

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