AW II (2007)

May 29, 2007
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Ataxia_AWII-274x274Track 01: Attention
John’s voice returns on this one. The guitar work in this song just makes me smile, for it amuses me so. This is the kind of song where the grind of the guitar can only be played to Frusciante’s voice and style. Indeed, it is a longer track, clocking in at almost twelve minutes, however I gained the feeling that it reminded me of Zeppelin, in a way. While not in the Zeppelin style, obviously, the repetitive guitar and drum beats sort of brought me back to Kashmir. A good, long song with a great singer.

Track 02: Union
You can really feel Frusciante’s guitar styling in this one, to be certain. This song is a good listen, and I believe it to be the best song on the album. It echoes with a fantastic Frusciante style, backed with the bass of Lally the strings in this song are just amazing to listen to. I would never sell this song short.

Track 03: Hands
The prevalent, catch, and repetitive guitar riff is the first thing to catch the listeners attention. Klinghoffer’s drums come into the sound and just add to the catch, they also enforce the beat. Then the vocals of John add to the effect. While it is not the most remarkable piece of work, it is still a lot of fun to listen to.

Track 04: The Soldier
I love the sound of this song. The drum beats and the slight hits of guitar just accentuate Frusciante’s voice. A long song indeed, just like Attention, but once more I am impressed at how I did not get bored. I would listen to the whole song over, and over, just to get to the guitar solo. This song rings with a certain brilliance that is just too good to be put to words.

Track 05: The Empty’s Response
This song is slow and easy. It is quite soothing and relaxing even. The lyrics are gentle and calm. It may even have a depressing feel to it. Depending upon interpretation, this song can be filled with sorrow or more of a soothing lullaby sort of song. While it does clock in at six minutes, not once did I wish to change it.