Flab Magazine: Interview with Eric Gardner

Today, the website Flab Magazine published an interview with the drummer Eric Gardner!
He talked about the Dot Hacker, about the beginning of his career, his influences and more!
Here you can see an excerpt of the interview, to read the full article please go to the link: FlabMagazine.com
“This week Eric Gardner of Dot Hacker (he who graciously offered his grannies name as their band…and you thought it had some sort of techie significance!) answers our 20 most pressing questions for would-be drummers. Emerging themes people…emerging themes.
FLABmag: When and why did you start playing drums?
Eric Gardner: i never consciously made the decision to become a drummer.   I started playing drums when i was 2 because there was a drumset in the house and my parents would put drumsticks in my hands to shut me up…oh, if they only knew what they were in for!
FLABmag: What, if anything, transpired to keep you playing all these years?
EG: as a kid, when i was happy- i would play drums.  when i was mad- i would play drums.  when i was sad- drums.  bored- drums, and so on…i guess it just became part of my every day existence.  if a couple days went by where i couldn’t  play for whatever reason, i would get very cranky…nothing’s changed.”


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