Fender Coronado XII

Fender Coronado XII (12 strings) burnt orange

“This one doesn’t get used a great deal. It’s a Coronado 12-string in this sort of burnt orange. This is the only one that isn’t in standard; it’s dropped a half step for ‘Breaking the Girl’. It very much has a tone of its own. It’s a bit scratchy, there’s a bit of a cluster to it, but it suits the version of the song they’re doing now. It’s not an acoustic song, it’s more of a garaged out number so it works. He goes for the neck for the main part and then you go into the main percussive section with all of the tin cans and all when you go to the bridge, and then he really kind of digs in a gets a bit honky. But it suits, it suits very well. I think the color may have had to do something with its purchase” – Ian Sheppard

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