Fan Action to Josh’s birthday!!!

Next October 3rd is Josh’s birthday… would you like to tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY and at the same time earn something?? Of course!!!
To celebrate it we are gathering drawings and art photos. It doesn’t matter if you use pencil, chalk, pen, paint, photoshop or anything else. Here is your chance to discover new abilities and present Josh Klinghoffer at the same time. The idea is that you take a photo or drawing of what you would like gifting to Josh… and in a few lines Why you choose “that” for his birthday. Be creative, be funny. Your “gift” may be based on the lyrics of some albums that Josh has done. (I’m With You, You Come and Go Like a Pop song …) in this case, let us know which song you chose! Try your best and send it to us! We’ll send them all to him. C’mon, let’s be an artist at least for a day…Josh deserves it!!!
The three best answers + drawings/ art photos to the question “What would you give Josh for birthday present?” will be awarded.
1st place: A digital version of the album “Inhibition” by Dot Hacker.
2nd place: The Way It Used To Be (LIVE) – The Bicycle Thief (digital version)
3rd place: “The Loveletter to the Transformer” project of Toni Oswald with Josh. (digital version)
Send us your art until October 1st!
Send it to:
Let us know your name and your country! Don’t forget this!
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