Just wanted to write a quite note expressing how fabulously, f%#cking, fortunate I feel be on tour with such wonderful people like Femi Kuti & the Positive Force, Fool’s Gold and Foals. Watching Femi and the wonderful folks in his band every night was such an uplifting experience for me. Seeing the guitarist Ope Awomolo up close, watching his fingers move is a beautiful and hypnotic thing that I recommend everybody seek out. It was such a joy having them out and we all thank them!

At the moment here in the UK, Fool’s Gold has been rocking with us every night! I think I played on the same bill as the singer and bass player Luke when we were fifteen. Maybe fourteen? Raven’s playhouse in North Hollywood, anyone? That was over half my ago. Tonight, Luke and I will be on the same bill at the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield. I probably listened to Pulp or Cabaret Voltaire on my way to that Raven’s show. I think I’m a little less nervous now than I was back at the Raven’s Playhouse where I seem to recall playing most of the gig with my back to the crowd of about twenty two people. There will be a few more than that there tonight and I hope you ALL enjoy Fool’s Gold! They are one of the most joyous and inventive conjurers of pop music around today. Again, Lewis is an unbelievable guitarist and watching him up close is a incredible honour! Brad came up and blew a ripping solo on “Did I Let You Know” and tore the roof off the MEN here in Manchester the other night. We thank him for that! I love these guys!

Next leg we have Foals who we did a few shows with in South America. I’m surrounded by cool and interesting guitar players on this tour and I love it. I look forward to seeing more of those lads as we tear the final pages off the 2011 calendar.

Again, it’s such an amazing privilege to be in a band that has the opportunity to tour with such important and inspiring bands. I know support acts aren’t always what one might want to see when you’re excited for a headliner, but I really appreciate everyone giving our friends we have out with us a chance to make your heart feel good. The RHCP have always had friends and great people on tour with them. I opened for them a few times and it’s always such a loving environment onstage, offstage, backstage and it seems, in front of the stage.

Thank you for all the smiles I’ve seen thus far.


Source: RHCP’s Official Website

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