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Eye Openers

These people from different parts of the world got together and created “Eye Opener”, an international fansite dedicated to Josh Klinghoffer and his music.

Eye Opener Team



Arthur Soave
Paraná, Brazil

Elsa Annunciata
Pisa, Italy

Federico Francesco Falco
Rome, Italy
last fm


Ingrid Wagner
Santiago, Chile

Laura Rodriguez
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maria Villanueva
Mexico City, Mexico

Nastya Zvyaginceva
Chita, Russia


Thanks for the help and support to lovely people like:

Yohanna Pinheiro, Letícia Leoneti, Giulia Aichino, Orfeo Pomp, Heinz Ulrich, Chris Hoy, Bob Forrest, Nate Pottker, Naoko Shimizu, Julia RHCP, Altair Santos, Ricardo Alves, Sakurako Hayashi, Cari Veach, Rebecca Billingham, Jonathan Hischke… and Josh Klinghoffer.

… and websites like:

And of course, we greatly appreciate everyone who access this website and follow us on social networks, supporting not only Josh Klinghoffer, but also our “work”.
Thanks to YOU who are reading this right now and had the interest to know who is behind the scenes of this little website. :)


Eye Opener is an unofficial fan site, not associated in any way to Josh Klinghoffer or others musicians/bands. This is merely a website made ​by fans for other fans. We do not declare any photographs or videos published here as ours, unless properly identified and we have no purpose to infringe copyright. All content published here is property of their respective owners. If any content posted here generate some kind of “discomfort” just contact us to make the necessary changes.
This website is not official because it does not represent Josh Klinghoffer’s opinion. He answers the questions on “The Josh Mail”, but there’s no Klinghoffer’s control on the website. So if something goes wrong (or, we hope so, right), it is only our fault, nothing related with Josh. So when you send a message via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so on, you’re not communicating directly with Josh, but with some of the people who run this website. The only way to send a message to Josh through this website, is using “The Josh Mail”

To check out all our updates, please follow us on Twitter and/or our Fanpage.

The Josh Mail
Youtube Channel (Russian website): dot_hacker / joshklinghoffer / josh_klinghoffer