Dot Hacker’s Album covers

DOT HACKER DIGITAL EP – Released: Feb 21, 2012
The artwork of the digital EP that contains four songs (three of them from the album “Inhibition” + the song “Rewire”) it’s a potion of the “Inhibition” album cover.

INHIBITION – Released: May 1, 2012
Josh always had a special appreciation for one of Vanessa Price’s paintings, and knowing this, one day she decided to give him that painting, as a gift. Josh talked to her about using it as the cover of the album “Inhibition”, Vanessa loved the idea!
However, Josh is not the only one who likes that painting. According to drummer Eric Gardner, it has a simple but mysterious appearance and everyone in the band really enjoyed the painting when Josh showed it to them.
Jon Foshee was the guy who helped them with laying out the CD/LP design.

WHATEVER YOU WANT – Released: April 11, 2014
This EP was released on vinyl and contains the songs “Whatever You Want” and “Memory”. The artwork is a painting made by Josh using a photo of a man working.


HOW’S YOUR PROCESS? (Work/Play) – Released: July 1, 2014 and Oct 7, 2014
At first Josh wanted to use that photo of the man working, but the other guys in the band did not like it. When Josh showed the painting he did using the photo, they liked it but only to be the cover for the “Whatever You Want” single. From then on, they had to start looking for new ideas for the cover of “How is Your Process?”.
Looking at old magazines, they found something they considered very nice, that picture of a snail on skin. It was perfect to them! The band then searched for the photographer, Ryszard Horowitz, who gently sent them the most explicit version of the photo, where a nipple is visible.
From there they had two images available to be album cover, perfect for “How’s Your Process” which is split into two parts, “Work” and “Play”.


N°3 – Released: Jan 20, 2017.
The artwork is a painting that was made by Josh. He also got the idea for the title because the number 3 accompanied by the “°” is his favorite number.


Additional Information:
Josh was the person in charge of the artwork used on Dot Hacker t-shirts.


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