Dot Hacker talked about Japanese fans and How’s Your Process?

Dot Hacker Talked About Japanese Fans and How’s Your Process?

Dot Hacker played their first ever shows outside the U.S. in February in Tokyo, Japan.  (February 23rd at  Shinjuku and 24th at Shibuya O-nest). The dates are in support of the band’s 2014 double album release, How’s Your Process?. These shows happened by a crowd funding project which kicked by their fans. And of-course their own long time hope to play in Japan.

Dot Hacker Japan had an opprtunity to talk with Dot Hacker about Japanese fans, new albums and more before the last show in Tokyo.

Interviewed by Dot Hacker Japan, February 24, 2015.

This is the first ever shows outside the US for Dot Hacker. How do you feel about it?

Josh: Feel great about it. It’s amazing to do. We’ve all played in outside US with other things and it’s just amazing to play music for people anywhere. Mostly you guys, the way Japanese people react to us have been source of great happiness and inspiration to us.




How was the show last night? How do you think about Japanese fans?


Jonathan: They are very polite, very enthusiastic at the same time, which is different.


Josh: I always find Japanese audiences are quieter in between songs, noisy period and silence period which is different. They’re more focused, they’re not talking, speak loud, or destructive. I feel like more attentive. Their attention is with you.

Eric: And they give presents. (laugh)

Jonathan: Nowhere else gives presents. If it’s your birthday way more people tell you happy Birthday.




Please tell us about the new albums (How’s Your Process? Work/Play).  It’s recorded as one album. Was there any concept or image for the album when you recorded?


Josh: No I don’t think there was a concept. I think just we tried to get as many songs to get as we could. That all we all felt good about. Once we did that, we tried to make a one-hour album out of those songs. And we had too many that we all like and feel good about, he(Jonathan) came on the idea to split it half… Yeah, I think there was no overall concept.




‘Rest Assure’ is such a beautiful song. What inspired you to write this song, both musically and lyrically?


Josh: Honestly that one was written about a girlfriend and being in a relationship. You think that’s gonna make your life better but it doesn’t. It might for a minute. But not for that much longer. Or the concept of putting, thinking that things outside for yourself gonna make your life better, most of them won’t. They might for a minutes.


Musically, we really made that song about going different places. Really takes a lot of different write terms. I always thought that song as being kinda of simple. But it’s not. It’s goes so many different places. He (Eric) has a lot to think about that song. That’s kind of what the first line of that song. “No matter what you think there will be more coming your away”.


I really like a Spanish guitar part. You played it, Clint?


Clint: (Big laugh) I did not play.

Josh: When we ever play it in live. He (Clint) will play that.

Clint: Nobody decided on weather we play it ever, or not, we’ll see. He (Josh) will play the piano, because of more piano on that song than guitar, so he will be playing piano.

Josh: The Spanish guitar thing was a kind of a last minutes attempt to making it sounds like it came from somewhere else. It always reminds me Dos Equis beer commercial. This one particular beer commercial. Not any beer commercial. Just the Dos Equis beer commercial. It’s an ad campaign in U.S. with ‘The Most Interesting Man In The World’.



Would you tell us about your secret plan to release another DH album before the Chili Peppers?


Josh: It’s not a secret, it’s not a secret anymore. Maybe I only have a secret from the Chili Peppers. (laugh) That was a joke.

Clint: We’ll now have time to do more this year than we had thought.

Josh: We kind of make it we pretend like it’s a secret plan to motivate ourselves to get it done. We are so custom to having to use every free seconds that we find.

We have happened upon a little bit more free time lately, so we have to pretend like we’re smuggling hidden goods out of the country, and like doing some sort of covert operation.




Can we expect another album coming out this year?


Clint: Probably not coming out.

Josh: We’ll finish it maybe and hopefully it will be out early next year.

Eric: You never know.



How many songs you already have?


Josh: We already have enough. We already have all the songs there, they are just not done yet, we are still working on it. We have a lot. We actually have too many right now to fit on an album. Probably15 things.



You played ‘C Section’ last night. Is it a new song, right?


Josh: We’ve actually already recorded that one.



It’s going to be in the next album?


Josh: I think so.



When and how did you start playing instruments?


Josh: I started taking drum lesions when I was 9. That’s how I was started.

Jonathan: I play piano when I was at 7-8 years old, then trombone at 9, bass at 14.

Clint: Same with me. Piano around 6-7. Trumpet around 9-10. Guitars I was 14.

Eric: My father has a drum set. Plays drums a little bit. There was always drums around the house, started playing when I was 4 days old. (Laugh)



If you did not become a musician, what do you think you became?



Josh: I don’t really know what I have done. I have no ability doing anything else (other than music). A musician, that’s all I know. A hockey player or an astronaut, maybe?

Jonathan: I went to college to study sociology, so I might have become a sociologist. But I didn’t finish college, so I didn’t become a sociologist. And I like gardening, so maybe I might have became a gardener.

Josh: And his(Eric’s) last name is ‘Gardner’. (laugh)

Clint: I have no idea. Probably a psychiatrist, I don’t know why, but I think I’m realizing I’m interested in that area..

Eric: I would be a camp ground host. Like a park ranger. You camp and then people leave things at the fire woods and they comes to your camp site.



This is the last question. How’s Your Process so far?


Jonathan: Great question.

Clint: Ever evolving.

Josh: It’s kind of a best question ever asked. It’s a great question, we post it to the world.

Clint: What is your process is what is your passionate about. How do you go through, thoughts and expression with that process.

Josh: I think it’s good question to ask yourself in general. If you have something in front of you in life that’s troubling or causing you stress, If you ask your self how your process is, if you’re doing something that’s creating some of that tension, then it can maybe help fix it. But for us as a band, It’s seems to be a really good question for us. How we are always trying to get as much done as possible with the obstacles that are in front of us. We always have to look at how our process is and see if it’s working for us.

Jonathan: It’s better than asking “How’s your journey?” because “How’s Your Process?” is more proactive.

Josh: Yeah. This is the question being able to apply to everything. Your life …

Clint: How you make things, how you act, how you think about things. It’s a huge question.


Yes, really huge!


Josh: We are philosophical band. (laugh)

Eric: We are very smart people. (laugh)

Josh: And it doesn’t need to be answered in one way. The point is that just always being asked, then a part of your process becomes a level of self reflection.



We wanna say thank you thank you thank you for coming to Japan!


Josh: We wanna thank you guys so much. We gonna try coming every year for Jonathan’s birthday. (laugh) Maybe we should pinky-swear now.



(We did pinky-swear!)


And we wanna say to Dot Hacker and all of you who involved in this shows… A・RI・GA・TO (THANK YOU)!!!


(Photo by Dot Hacker)

(Video by PMORHCP)


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