Dot Hacker – June 16, 2013 – Pioneertown, CA @ Pappy & Harriet’s

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“Dot Hacker is one of my favorite bands to see live, so much so that I drove to the desert to see them last Sunday!

Pappy and Harriet
‘s is an interesting venue; a restaurant and saloon situated in Pioneertown serving as a gateway to the Mojave desert, the Joshua Tree and good times.  They have great food, lots of parking, welcome motorcycles, Lagunitas on tap, pool tables, friendly staff and a great booking agent.  Their calendar always has interesting, quality music.  I’m glad I finally made the trip for a concert, and not just a pit stop to/from Joshua Tree. […]”  They hadn’t played in a while…Josh’s other band, (you know, RHCP…) has kept him busy, but they sounded great and played several songs off of their debut album, Inhibition, plus a new song (Floating up the Stairs) and a Tears for Fears cover (Memories Fade).  Each member of the band is so talented and their songs are beautifully crafted!  When the sounds are layered together live, it creates a sonic wall that just engulfs you.
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