Dot Hacker announces the release of their debut album

Dot Hacker, the new group of Josh Klinghoffer, announces the release of their debut album

Josh Klinghoffer is no longer a renowned musician of several independent projectt, is part of one of the most requested rock bands the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. However, although the schedule of Peppers is awfully busy with appearances in the Hall of Fame and a world tour, among other things, the musician had time to consolidate one of his solo projects, in this case a group called Dot Hacker.
The band, formed by the union of Klinghoffer, Eric Gardner and Clint Walsh of Gnarls Barkley and Jonathan Hischke, the band Hella and collaborator of the Broken Bells, came after 2008, however, is far have been able to realize its debut production, which will be called inhibition and will be released near May 1 through  ORG Music.

The music of Dot Hacker is architectural, built on a foundation of bold, manipulated tones and supported by lush eclectic textures and angular rhythm. However, with simpler words and after hearing some of the songs from their first EP, released in February this year, we talk about the use of the waters of alternative rock, a bit line that initially Linkin Park offered us by example. From their EP can download “Order / Disorder,” courtesy of its developer, so you can listen and judge for yourself.

About Inhibition, this album has 1o tracks and will be available in digital format, CD and vinyl, the latter in a limited edition of 200 copies on white vinyl, black and blue, which can pre-order through their record label. For now, the band is planning a short promotional tour to present the album, however, sure to be very short and only during the intervals that the commitments of Pepppers give Josh. The tracklist of this first attempt is here:

1. Order/Disorder
2. Idleidolidyl
3. Eye Opener
4. Discotheque
5. Be Leaving
6. The Earth Beneath
7. Inhibition
8. The Wit Of The Staircase
10. Puncture


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