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Ataxia born as an experimental musical project in 2004. Their members, John Frusciante (guitar), Josh Klinghoffer (drums) and Joe Lally (Low)

It all started when John and Josh asked Joe (Fugazi member) to accompany them with bass performances at Knitting Factory Club. These gigs were to promote unpublished albums like “The Will To Death” (It was at stores) and “Shadows Collide With People”.Before all this, Josh and John were experimenting and doing live performances. All linked to electronic music.That’s how they started recording in 2 days and already had all the material, in a total of two weeks the albums were ready.The first was “Automatic Writing” (10 August 2004) contains the hits Dust, Another, The sides, Addition and Montreal.“AWII” was released on May 29, 2007, contains the songs Attention, Union, Hands, The Soldiers and The empty’s response.Both albums were approximately 80 minutes, and musically we can say that they have a linear melody, something arrhythmic and out of season, which enriches the sound and brings alternative music to another level, where there are no limits, since it’s not only about rock, but the fusion of many styles.

As John explains the issues are out of control, and once gathered they couldn’t stop writing and creating until they were satisfied with the material, which was possible because there was very good vibes between the three members and as good complement as well.

The group only played two concerts, both at the Knitting Factory club (LA).
On the origin of the name “Ataxia”, it’s said that (A = no taxis = order), is a disease that affects psychomotor coordination, this definition and the name fits perfectly with the musical definition we have.

Another theory about the name is derived from the names of Atari (console) and Galaxian (video game). Frusciante’s fascination for these games influenced him when deciding the name of the band.

Written by Mimet