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– Did you know that Dot Hacker’s Inhibition cover comes from a painting that Josh actually owns? It was painted by Vanessa Price and arranged as the album’s cover by Jon Foshee.


– How many “eyes” are there in Dot Hacker’s “Inhibition”?

A few months ago, Josh said:
“I’ve noticed that I write about eyes a lot. Perception. Seeing. Being seen. All of that. Being open. Being closed. Being.”

So, we counted! In total, the word “eye(s)” appears nine times in different sentences (not counting the sentences that are repeated).

See the list:
“I idolize blindly, my eyes averted” – Idleidolidyll
“You’re an eye opener. I’m an eye closer” – Eye Opener
“See what’s lying there behind our eyes.” – Eye Opener
“I can’t talk to anyone. Who looks me right in the eye.” – Eye Opener
“That look in your apocalyptic eye. So beautiful, vague and sublime.” – Discotheque
“They’re already in my head now, behind my eyes.” -The Wit Of The Staircase
“Watch me as I roll, said the eyes” – Quotes
“My eyes have been dryer” – Rewire

Which “eye” song do you like the most?

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