“Bob Forrest + Friends Live 2016”

     How many of us can say we have traveled to over fifty cities in only one year, have played hockey with the pros in Helsinki, have been to the opening day of the Rams back in Los Angeles AND have played beautiful music with some longtime friends? Most of us unfortunately have not.

     Josh Klinghoffer has done all of this and more. Besides touring, recording albums (check out Dot Hacker’s N° 3 if you haven’t), releasing an album (Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “The Getaway” debuted at No. 1 in multiple countries around the world!), and filming music videos, he also got together with the legendary Bob Forrest.
The two have previously worked together and were part of the group “The Bicycle Thief” in the late nineties, even opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, PJ Harvey, and Butthole Surfers on tour, up until around 2001 when Josh left the group. However, Josh has reunited with his old bandmate in several occasions these past years. The most recent reunion on stage taking place in Santa Monica, California just last fall. September 24, 2016 was an unforgettable date for many fans, who were delighted to see him play music again with Bob Forrest along with other musicians at the over half-century-old McCabe’s.
What could be better than listening to these talented musicians live? How about being able to listen to their music from this event any time we want? Well, make sure to check out “Bob Forrest & Friends Live 2016”. It would be great to relive the moment, even if we were not able to make it to the show. The album “features Forrest’s past and present bandmates including Zander Schloss (Thelonious Monster, The Circle Jerks, Joe Strummer) Mike Martt (Thelonious Monster, Tex And The Horseheads), Josh Klinghoffer (The Bicycle Thief, Dot Hacker, Red Hot Chili Peppers), and Josh Blum (The Bicycle Thief, Sugartooth).”
The album is also available to pre-order as a unique splatter vinyl limited to 200 copies. The album features the songs “Boy At A Bus Stop”, “Anymore”, “Max, Jill Called” and many more.
We surely cannot wait for the next reunion to take place.

Exclusively on vinyl from Greenway Records.
Pre-order: greenwayrecords

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