Bern Baby Bern…

Bern. What a beautiful city.
I want to thank all of you in attendance tonight for sticking with me. Some of you may’ve noticed me making funny faces and not moving as much onstage as I usually do (at the beginning of the show). Well, tonight, I played my first show with in-ear monitors. I’ve been a bit of a stubborn brat about making the switch out of fear that they would make me feel isolated from all of the wonderful people in the room, whether they be 2 feet or 200 feet from me. Well, I did it. I still find it a bit weird, but the best thing is…I heard my bandmates better and clearer. I was told that I sounded a lot clearer. I love everyone out on tour with us. What an amazing group of people they are!!!!!!!
And so, again, slight apologies for making weird faces at the little speakers in my ears. Things are good.
Bren. D’you know who’s from Bern?

Source: RHCP’s Official Website


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