Attention Josh Klinghoffer’s fans!

We are not Josh Klinghoffer, and we have never pretended to be him. However, there are several malicious people on the Internet creating fake profiles on social media, pretending to be him.

So far, Josh has no public social media accounts to communicate with fans, the only verified accounts are the official accounts for RHCP, and Dot Hacker.

In 2012, acknowledging the need that fans have to communicate with him, we created the ‘Josh Mail’. But now there are fake accounts that are using this project to seem more reliable on their vicious quest for attention and likes.

If you follow those accounts and think it’s the real Josh, we ask you to ponder some things: If the introvert Josh created an account on social media, would he only share pics of himself, and to make it worse, only pics that are easily found on the internet? Wouldn’t the RHCP’s official accounts share this updates just like they do with Flea and Chad? Would the text posts only be phrases taken from his interviews?

So please, don’t send your personal information to these fake profiles! Don’t support them!
And if you think that by creating these fake accounts Josh will create a public profile in social media, we have to tell you that you are making things worse.

-Eye Opener Team