Article and photos of the Dot Hacker’s show on March 14, 2012

By the time I made my way into the Echoplex the first time I saw Dot Hacker in 2009, their set was almost over and the reunited Jane’s Addiction were preparing to take stage.  I caught the last song and thought, “that was interesting, I’ll have to catch them next time”.  But, time passed and I never had a chance to see them again until Wednesday night.  Seems like that was with good reason…they hadn’t played in two years!

Dot Hacker played for about an hour and fifteen minutes and were riveting from start to finish.  Individually, they are all fantastic musicians.  Combined, they layer a really interesting and unique sound.  This is the type of band that harnesses the attention and respect of the audience.  I highly recommend checking out their EP on iTunes or Amazon; it’s well worth the $4!  Their first full length album, Inhibition, will be released later this spring.

Dot Hacker are:  Josh Klinghoffer (vocals, guitar, keyboard),  Jonathan Hischke (bass), Clint Walsh (Backing Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard) and Eric Gardner (drums).

Them Hills opened for Dot Hacker and I really enjoyed their set too.


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