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A thank you…


Posted on April 16, 2013 by Josh on

“After blackening a q-tip with the desert sand from last night, I used my ears to help Andrew mix the final song for the extra songs from the ‘I’m With You’ sessions. I’d like to apologize for getting a bit behind schedule with these releases. After my foot injury, it was hard to get off my arse durning our breaks from tour. I apologize. I’d like to take a moment and publicly thank Andrew Scheps for all of his wonderful work on these songs. It’s been a wonderful experience that I’m very grateful for. Thank you to Andrew…and everyone who worked on ‘I’m With You.’

As there is one more show in the ‘I’m With You’ tour, I’d also like to thank everyone, everywhere who came to see us play. It’s an honour for me.


Oh, and thank you Debbie for all the tea and treats!”


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