December 2016

Question – Bart Nijensteen

Hey Josh!! I saw you at Pinkpop this year and you absolutely killed it 🙂 My question: I heard you talk about the riff of Feasting on the Flowers in an interview and the fact that you came up with it within a few seconds out of nothing. Flea told us ... Read more

December 28, 2016

Question – Holly Algar

Hi from Australia. I thoroughly enjoy listening to your band, Dot Hacker. I have a question about a song, my favourite, Discotheque. I just wanted to ask how that song came about if you remember. I am constantly listening to it on repeat and am mesmerised by the lyrics and ... Read more

December 24, 2016

16th December 2016

N°3 – Dot Hacker’s new album!

Dot Hacker’s new album is coming early next year! —> January 20, 2017 <— You can pre-order “N°3” at Price: Audio CD – $11.98 Vinyl – $20.98 Tracklisting: 1. C Section 2. We’re Going Where 3. Mindwalk 4. Cassandra 5. Apt Mess 6. Found Lost 7. Forgot To Smile 8. Beseech 9. Minds Dying Here is a video of the band playing the ... Read more

December 16, 2016

Question – Chel

Is there a chance that Dot Hacker would go on tour with the Peppers? “C… I’d say no. Chances are the RHCP would play second, right? I don’t think it’d be fair to play a set with them after expending the type of energy I do during a show. J…

December 16, 2016

Question – Tomek

Hi Josh, firstly, I’m really thankful for your life and work. Many things you’ve done and you’re doing are very important to me – especially ‘How’s Your Process’. I’d love to meet you some day and just talk about music, art, life… But now I have some questions. You play the variety ... Read more

December 05, 2016

Question – Lauren

Hey, Josh! Do you have any advice for a girl who’s played violin since she was 8 and is trying to learn guitar (besides practice)? I went through guitar lessons at one point, had a really hard time transitioning from a four stringed instrument to a six string, and ... Read more

December 02, 2016